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Christine Holgate Issues An Ultimatum To The Government

Former Australia Post boss Christine Holgate wants the Coalition to agree to mediation talks by 5pm on Wednesday, or she will enter into legal action.

“On April 21, Ms Holgate offered to enter into mediation with Australia Post and its shareholder ministers in an effort to resolve her claims against Australia Post, its directors and the government in order to avoid time-consuming and costly litigation for all parties,” reads her official statement.

“We offered Australia Post and the government ministers a two-week window to conduct this mediation in order to minimise the ongoing harm that has been caused to Ms Holgate as well as the distraction to Australia Post which ultimately must focus on its important service to the public and its obligations to its employees and operators.

“That two-week window closes at 5pm on Wednesday 5 May.

“We have been advised the government requires more time to consider the offer to mediate and that Australia Post will not be able to meet the deadline.

“It is very disappointing to Ms Holgate that it appears neither the government nor Australia Post have been able to prioritise an amicable resolution of this matter, particularly as they are very aware of the ongoing damage this matter causes my client and in light of the fact that it took them only hours to unlawfully stand her down.

“Given there appears to be an absence of agreement to mediate this matter expeditiously, Ms Holgate will now have no option but to consider her legal options after the Senate Communications and Environment Committee’s report into these matters is released on May 17.

“This was not her preferred method of dealing with this issue, but the ball is in the court of Australia Post and the government to resolve this matter.”


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