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Ship That Blocked Suez Sets Sail With Lenovo Products On Board

Months after the Suez Canal was unblocked, the ship at the heart of the fiasco – and its cargo – are now finally underway again.

The massive cargo ship Ever Given, carrying 18,000 containers believed to house goods including household items, electronics, machinery and parts, and furniture, ran aground sideways in the Suez Canal in March, cutting off a vital avenue for the international shipping trade. Lenovo and Ikea both confirmed they had cargo aboard the ship.

Though it was freed after six days of excavation, the ship has since been held in impound at the nearby Great Bitter Lake facility as its owners negotiated fees with the Suez Canal Authority; this week, following an undisclosed settlement, the vessel was finally released.

In a statement, Ian Beveridge, CEO at the ship’s technical manager Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), said the Ever Given is now en route to its original destination of Rotterdam in the Netherlands via Egypt’s Port Said, where it will undergo precautionary hull inspections.

“We are very pleased that the Ever Given can finally continue her voyage. BSM would like to take this opportunity to thank the Master and crew for their resilience and professionalism throughout this period,” he said.

More than 64,000 additional containers were held up on board other ships as a result of the Ever Given’s six-day obstruction of the canal, which cost $5.1 billion per day in world trade and sparked international fascination. Affected brands include Australia’s Blustream, as well as Nintendo, which saw shortages of its Switch console in Europe due to the delay.

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