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Shed The Apple Watch, PM Told, Ahead Of Cabinet Meetings

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to remove his much-prized Apple Watch at Cabinet meetings and other sensitive gatherings where policy matters might be discussed.

The PM is known for viewing and fiddling with the A-Watch during Question Time and other Lower House sessions – but these, unlike Cabinet discussions, are public affairs open to all.

The fear is that in Cabinet and other confidential discussions, it’s possible the prime ministerial watch could be hacked, either by professional hackers or listeners from other nations or bodies that might be affected by Cabinet decisions. Mobile phones are already banned from the Cabinet room.

In Britain, the Apple Watch and other wrist-worn devices have already been banned from UK Cabinet meetings by PM Theresa May over fears that hacked devices could be used by Russian interests to eavesdrop on confidential conversations. UK ministers are required to hand their smartwatches to security staff, who lock them in sound-proofed, lead-lined boxes before Cabinet meetings.

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