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Sharp To Launch 8K TV With Built In 5G Modem

Sharp who are set to make a major announcement later this week are tipped to enter the 8K TV market in Australia with a brand-new partner according to Sharp sources in Singapore among the new offering ithe Japanese Company is set to announce this week is an 8K TV with a built in 5G modem.

In 2020 the battle ground for TV’s is set to centre on 8K and Sharp believe that they have one of the “best 8K TV’s” in the market with the Japanese Company set to use the IFA 2019 event in Berlin to showcase a range of new TV’s including the world’s largest liquid crystal display as well as an 8K TV with an integrated 5G modem.

Sharp’s next-generation 120-inch display with an 8K resolution will be the pinnacle of the company’s (and the industry’s) LCD technology claims Sharp management as previously screens of this size used other types of panels.

Sharp does not disclose refresh rate of the giant monitor or its peak brightness, but we do know that Sharp’s 2nd Generation commercial 8K UHDTVs featured a 100/120 Hz refresh rate as well as 400 – 1000 nits’ brightness for SDR and HDR content, respectively.

the 8K display with a built-in 5G modem is designed specifically for museums and schools.

The 8K Viewer with 5G enables remote viewing of art (or architecture) masterpieces or highly detailed images/videos needed for education with a naked eye remotely (and with a certain level of interactivity, if there is an appropriate infrastructure).

Sharp said that they plan to create a so-called 8K+5G ecosystem whereby ultra-high-resolution videos and images will be delivered over a 5G network to the end user or to the Internet.

For example, a camcorder equipped with a 5G modem will be able to broadcast 8K video with HDR to the Internet without using a smartphone. Considering the fact that an 8K video stream with ultra-wide colour gamut will require bandwidth of at least 512 Gbps (Ultra HD Blu-ray’s 128 Gbps × 4), 5G will make a lot of sense for such a broadcast, but to enjoy it one will need a fast Internet connection as well.

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