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Security Input Sought For New Apps

Some 10 cyberattacks a year at Australian organisations go undetected by security tools and are discovered only when something negative happens, according to IT analysts Enterprise Strategy Group.

The study is based on insights from information security and IT professionals in Australia and around the world.

The speed and deployment of applications in companies’ ICT networks has been raising concerns about system security.

ESG found many companies rely on a patchwork of incompatible security tools that cause multiple access problems, and are often turned off, allowing attackers to exploit them and access businesses undetected.

Nearly 50 percent of Australian organisations surveyed say they expect to support more than 200 internally developed applications within two years.

About 31 percent have recently been hit by data breaches, security misconfigurations and other security breaches. Zero-day attacks hit 29 percent – 33 percent by malware infections while 21 percent experienced cloud service misconfigurations.

ESG analyst John Grady said the solution might be to involve the security team in the development of new applications.

“Security professionals have become frustrated with the complex and siloed nature of traditional application security solutions that fail to address these issues,” Grady said.

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