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Flubot Text Scam Turns To Phony Parcels

The Flubot malware scam plaguing Australian phones has a new trick, the ACCC has warned, with messages now telling potential victims a parcel is on its way to them.

Flubot has terrorised both Android and iPhone users since early August, with ACCC Scamwatch receiving more than 5500 reports in just three weeks. The scam typically involves a misspelled text message telling recipients to open a link – usually to a voicemail message – which instead downloads malicious software to the victim’s phone.

“Installing the software is likely to give scammers access to your passwords and accounts. They may be able to use this information to steal your money or personal information,” the watchdog says.

Scamwatch announced on Twitter today that the messages have started to take a different tack, linking to fake parcel tracking instead.

The ACCC is warning Australians not to open any links or download any software from these messages, and to immediately clean out their devices and change their login details if they have.

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