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Security Fears See Govt. Ban Zoom Use By Pollies, Agencies

CANBERRA: The Morrison Government has banned the use of popular video-conferencing software Zoom by government agencies and federal politicians, after defence sources advised that the software may have security flaws and is not suitable for use in those arenas.  It has already been banned for use by Australian Defence workers.

Zoom has run into similar problems in the USA, where Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX and NASA have banned employees from using Zoom, with SpaceX citing “significant privacy and security concerns”.

New York’s Attorney-General this week wrote to Zoom, claiming Zoom had been slow to address vulnerabilities “that could enable malicious third parties to, among other things, gain surreptitious access to consumer webcams”.

According to an Australian news report, Parliamentary Services has said it is progressively rolling out Microsoft Office 365, which can be used as a “collaborative platform that has conference facilities”.

In the USA, Zoom CEO and founder Eric Yuan issued a mea culpa for the controversies, and promised that the company will better protect privacy in the future. He said that, to combat the growing issues, Zoom will freeze all future features as it conducts a comprehensive review with third-party experts.

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