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Samsung’s New Wine Fridge Makes Pairing Recommendations

Samsung Electronics has added a nifty wine cooler to its Bespoke home appliance range, and it’s packed with a feature that makes wine pairing recommendations.

The dual-zone vertical wine cooler can hold up to 101 bottles of wine. Each of the two zones can have the temperature set between 4-18 degrees, Celsuis, meaning both white and red can be stored together. The zones are further separated by a cool pantry, for all your snacking needs.

The wine cooler makes up one of four vertical compartments in the side-by-side refrigerator, alongside a fridge and freezer, and kimchi storage for fermentation.

But it does a lot more than this; Samsung’s SmartThings software offers wine inventory management, as well as suggesting pairing recommendations.

The side-by-side refrigerator is part of the Bespoke Infinite lineup, along with a four-door French door refrigerator, a smart kitchen hood, a dual-cook oven, a 7.4-kilowatt four-element induction cooktop and a 12-person capacity dishwasher.

Pricing for the newer, bigger wine cooler starts at $5,849.

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