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Sony Brings New Horizon Game To PS4, Amidst PS5 Shortages

Today, Sony is releasing what is slated to be its biggest game of the year, Horizon Forbidden West.

The game’s 2017 prequel Horizon Zero Dawn sold more than 20 million copies, so expectations are high for the title.

Under normal circumstances, this game would also bolster sales of Sony’s PlayStation 5, especially given the company has no plans to port the game to competing consoles.

But with mass shortages, and “only’ 17 million PS5s making their ways into customers’ hands in the 16 months since launch, Sony have been forced to also release the latest Horizon game on the PS4 as well.

Given the PS4 first launched in November 2013, this means that Sony’s biggest game of the year will be primarily running on hardware that’s verging on being a decade old.

Sony still adopts a traditional strategy of relying on game sales, as oppose to Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription model.

Although Sony is working on its own streaming service, codenamed Spartacus, there’s no word on when this will see the light of day.


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