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Samsung Tipped To Reveal Galaxy S9 & S9+ At CES 2018

Recent reports affirm Samsung is set to reveal its upcoming Galaxy S9 & S9+ smartphones at CES 2018.

Insider sources and notable tech leakers – such as VentureBeat’s Evan Blass – claim Samsung’s reveal will come about four months earlier than usual, a move tipped to increase sales against rival Apple, who will reveal its new smartphones in September.

Blass affirms:

“Samsung is planning to show off its next-generation Galaxy S handsets a bit earlier than usual, according to someone briefed on the company’s plans”.

As previously reported, speculation mounts that Samsung will also use CES 2018 to reveal its first ‘foldable’ smartphone.

Blass claims that the forthcoming S9 smartphones will, however, bear an almost identical resemblance to its predecessor.

[Galaxy S8]

Reputed Chinese-based tech leaker, Ice Universe, also revealed earlier this month that the smartphones will not have screen fingerprint recognition:

“‘The back of the Galaxy S9 will change a lot”

“‘100 per cent sure, Galaxy S9 no screen fingerprint recognition”

Some market commentators tip that the Samsung’s S9 will also include a dual-lens camera.

Rumour is, the standard Galaxy S9 will feature a 5.8″ screen size, with the S9+ boasting a 6.2″ display.

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