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Apple To Release Revamped iPhone SE Next Year

Apple is reportedly releasing an upgraded iPhone ‘SE ‘ next year – the four inch affordably priced smartphone has amassed a distinct niche following, since launching in 2016.

Rumours claim Apple’s upgraded ‘SE’ will boast a faster processor by utilising the iPhone 7’s A10 chip.

Dubbed the ‘SE 2’, recent reports claim the new device will roll out globally during the first quarter of 2018, and is manufactured exclusively by Taiwanese-based Winstron Corp.

The revamped version is expected to land with iOS 11, and some commentators speculate it may boast a slightly larger 4.2″ display size.

The iPhone SE currently retails from A$549, and is the most affordable of Apple’s smartphones.

Earlier this year, the Californian-based giant upgraded the iPhone SE’s storage options (32GB & 128GB) however the majority of the device’s specifications remained unchanged.

Production on the upgraded ‘SE’ has already reportedly begun in India. Winstron is reportedly shipping the devices to the Indian market first, before rolling out to other consumer markets.

Commentators speculate it is part of Apple’s ploy to grow market share in India, following CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments at the company’s recent investor conference call.

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