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Samsung To Manufacture OLED Display For iPads & Notebooks

Samsung Display is set to crank up a new OLED production line with next generation PCs and tablets set to feature a Samsung manufactured OLED Display.

According to Samsung officials the South Korean Company is currently installing a first Gen 8 OLED production line which allows them to manufacture larger OLED panels than their Gen 6 OLED panels which are used by Apple and Samsung in their premium smartphones.

The Gen 8 (2200x2500mm) substrate OLED production line is set to be operational by early 2023.

The larger substrate used in the line compared to Gen 6, is more economical and allows them to manufacture OLED panels for PC and tablet manufacturers.

The move will put pressure on LG Display

Samsung Display is working hand in hand with Japan’s Ulvac to develop the single stack OLED line.

Single stack OLED means there is one red, green, and blue emission layer while two stack tandem OLED means there is one more additional layer.

Having two RGB emission layers stacked in tandem increases the brightness of the screen while also extending its life, making the technology more optimal for tablets and PCs that are used longer than smartphones.

Apple is expected to launch its first OLED iPad in 2024 with a two-stack tandem OLED panel manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung Display’s first Gen 8 OLED line can also be converted to manufacture a more sophisticated two-stack tandem OLED panel, sources claim.

The Gen 8 OLED line is expected to have a capacity of 15,000 substrates per month at the start.

The line will be designed so that Samsung Display can add additional capacity depending on demand.

While the line is aimed to service Apple, Samsung Display is set to manufacture the OLED panels for the first OLED iPad.

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