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Samsung To Launch 77″ OLED TV With LG Panel

Samsung will be launching its newest TV with OLED panel 77-inch screen and in advance, received certification.

The 77″ S89C OLED TV is the product of the newly minted Samsung Electronics and LG Display’s OLED partnership signed earlier this year.

In accordance with the deal, various sizes of LG Display’s OLED panels will be used for the TV panels of Samsung TVs.

According to Business Korea, the Korean newspaper has reported that Samsung Electronics has already finalised registration of a 77-inch OLED TV in its new S89C range called KQ77SC89A.

Samsung appears to also be mixing QD-OLED and WOLED with the 77-inch S89C being OLED and recently announced 83-inch S90C is WOLED.

However, before the TV can be manufactured and marketed, radio certification is mandatory.

Corresponding to the certificate, manufacturing will be potentially in Slovakia, Mexico, Vietnam, Hungary, China, and Korea which we suppose will mean the 77-inch Samsung S89C will begin selling broadly in Europa, Asia, Americas, and others.

In the effort to compete with competitors, the locations will be selected to ensure maximum exposure and to rival the strategies of other TV players.

For consumers, Business Korea shared they should soon see more IPS LCD panels in Samsung LCD TVs because there is a patent dispute between Samsung Electronics and BOE of China expecting to culminate with a potential increase in volume to 17% from 7% for LG Display’s share of Samsung Electronics’ LCD panels.

In 2024, to meet demand and volume LG Display has been forecasted to substantially grow supply of OLED panels to Samsung Electronics.