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Huawei Preps Space Age Audio for Cars

Huawei is adding stunning new technology to in-car systems that will enable Chinese cars to offer multi-person, multi-device, multi-screen and multi-audio zone infotainment. Your experience will be different depending on where you sit.

Gizmochina reports that the company is about to drop the fourth version of its HarmonyOS operating system and it has some big advances in in-car entertainment.

Once upon a time China phone makers could use Android, but the US trade ban forced the big company to develop its own operating systems. It struggled initially with the first version,  HarmonyOS 1.0, released in August 2019, which worked only with Honor Vision Smart TVs.

In version four, the China phone maker has delved deeply into car audio, offering six different audio listening zones you access depending on where you sit. “It will allow for multiple people, devices, screens, and audio zones in-car systems,” Gizmochina says.

Source: Gizmochina

The operating system has been in Beta testing phase on the P60, Mate 50 and Mate 40 series and will initially be limited to China. Australians have been using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to access advanced smartphone infotainment features in cars locally.

But there’s more.

“The new version of the operating system will implement cabin eye position tracking and eye status recognition, along with support for multi-screen, multi-channel, and bi-directional streaming across screens and devices,” says Gizmochina.

It’s part of a suite of intelligent automotive solutions, which includes an Advanced Driving System, Intelligent Cockpit System and Vehicle-to-Everything technology, the publication says.

HarmonyOS 4.0 is expected to be released in August.

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