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Samsung Self Repair Program Launches

Samsung has launched their previously announced self-repair program, allowing users to purchase parts and repair smartphones and tablets themselves, saving money in the process.

The new service has launched for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 and the Tab S7 Plus, all devices that sit at least one generation behind the current offerings, meaning they are still recent. More devices will be added in the future.

Samsung’s self-repair program has a number of benefits, including lower costs for users, who would only need to pay for the parts and tools, and less tech waste, which is a major contributor to landfill.

For those who feel they may not be up to the task of fixing their own device, Samsung provide users with step-by-step online repair guides. Otherwise, the program can also connect you to repair professionals, who can repair them via mail-in, “We Come To You” services and in store.

Samsung will sell parts for the devices at the same rate that they do to authorized repairers, and they will be available alongside tools from Samsung retail stores, Samsung 837, iFixit and more.

Apple introduced their own self repair service in 2021.

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