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Samsung Patents Multi-Screen & Hexagonal Phone

[image via Lets Go Digital]

It appears the developers over at Samsung are trying to get first dibs on all new technologies with the South Korean company filing numerous patents including one for a revolutionary phone design with numerous screens and a hexagonal device.

Although patents don’t necessarily guarantee that that product is on its way, it does give us a glimpse to where tech companies are going with their design and technologies.

Many phone manufacturers are on a mission to get rid of “unsightly bezels”, Samsung may be one of the first to offer a notch-free phone — if Huawei doesn’t bet them to it — but the bezel is still there.

It appears with Samsung’s latest design they are aiming for a true bezel-free device, not like the Edge with a screen that extends past the side of the screen.

This new patent features a completely bezel-free device with a screen on nearly every side, and what’s more the patent also included a hexagonal phone with a screen on most of its six sides.

One of the issues with the Samsung Edge display was how easy it is to mistakenly activate the screen with the slip of a thumb, it is unclear from the patent images how Samsung would solve this problem.

A hexagonal is completely out of the realm of the expected from a mobile phone device, foldable phones were expected from science-fiction films and novels, but I can’t think of an origin or purpose for a hexagonal device.

Although this is not stated in the patent, it would appear that the speaker, front-facing camera, and other sensors would be integrated under the display.

The headphones jack is also missing from the patent design, as is a charging port — moving to fully wireless charging and wireless audio perhaps?

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