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Samsung Updates Firmware To Override S22 Throttling

Samsung has released new firmware for the new Galaxy S22 range after it was discovered that it was throttling the performance of at least 10,000 apps, including a number of its own in-built apps.

The update has rolled out in South Korea, and is expected to hit most S22 phones within the next few days.

Samsung’s Game Optimisation Service was to blame, a tool intended to manage the performance of games, in order to save battery life and to stop the device from overheating. However, a list of the apps it controls included rather low-performance, everyday programs like TikTok, Instagram, Netflix, and even Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass.

“The Game Optimising Service (GOS) has been designed to help game apps achieve great performance while managing device temperature effectively,” Samsung said last week, conveniently sidestepping the real issue, which is the thousands of non-gaming apps.

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