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Samsung Gets Into Networking, New Connected Home Router

As major network brands crank up their mesh Wi Fi networks, Samsung has jumped on the networking bandwagon with a new Samsung Connect Home router.

The Samsung offering which is tipped to be introduced later this year in Australia, can deliver home Wi-Fi over a 450-metre radius.

You will be able to buy a single or unit a multi pack similar to what Netgear are doing with their Orbi Satellite.

The standard connect has a 2 x 2 MU-MIMO antenna array and a slower processor, capping out at specified speeds of 866 Mbs in the 5GHz spectrum.

There’s also a Pro version with a 4 x 4 antenna which caps out at 1.7 Gbps

Designed to work as SmartThings hubs, Samsung claims that their new network offering allows owners to better control smart home devices especially Samsung connected devices such as a TV, Sound System, Smartphone, PC or an S3 Smart Watch.

You can also manage third party devices such as security cameras, Philips Hue or a Ring doorbell. It works with Zigbee, Z-Wave, and also has Bluetooth 4.1