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Mother Chooses To Ignore Dangerous Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung is in the headlines, not because they have a new Samsung 8 smartphone to replace their exploding Note 7, it’s more to do with exploding washing machines an issue that simply won’t go away despite the Korean Company spending millions on marketing the fact that several of their washing machine models have a problem.

This time one must question whether some consumers do hide under a rock or are just plain stupid when it comes to putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk over faulty appliances.

This time round a mother known as ‘Betty; told media while cuddling a child, that her Samsung washing machine had burst into flames at their Liverpool, NSW home, and that she was aware that there was a recall underway for Samsung washing machines, she also admitted that she was aware that her particular model washing machine could have been affected.

Betty, the NSW mother who chose to ignore problem washing maching until it bust into flames.

She told Channel Nine that she called the Samsung hotline, 1800 239 655 and that no one called her back.

She even said “I have been calling Samsung for six years”.

The claim is hard to believe claim Samsung insiders.

When ChannelNews called the hotline, it was answered immediately.

ChannelNews is also aware that Samsung is spending millions of dollars making consumers aware of the problems associated with selected washing machines. This week in local newspapers took out a half page editorial in local Nationwide News local newspapers alerting consumers to the recall.

Betty did not explain why she continued using the Samsung washing machine when she knew it was faulty.
The recalled models are:






ChannelNews believes that what is needed is a compulsory recall system where every consumer buying electrical goods have to be logged by their retailer onto a national recall database.

This would allow both Government Departments, manufacturers and distributors to instantly recall faulty goods.

A NSW Fire executive said “People should not take risks simply unplug a device, don’t take any risks using a device if you know it has the potential to be faulty.”.

Samsung Electronics Australia is investigating a reported incident involving a top loader washing machine, believed to be a recall model, which occurred at a residence in Liverpool, NSW, on March 31, 2017.

Samsung deeply regrets this incident and is supporting the customer. We are also working with the authorities on the matter.

Samsung continues to urge customers to check if their top loader washing machine is affected by the top loader recall that was initiated in April 2013. Further information can be found at http://www.samsung.com/au/washingmachinerecall/

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