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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020: Roundup & Highlights

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event started this new decade with a bang, by unveiling new flagship devices, rumoured products and high profile partnerships – set to change the way consumers use their technology.

Straight from San Francisco, the event started by unveiling the highly rumoured and leaked Galaxy Z Flip smartphone – Samsung’s latest device that optimises on last years Galaxy Fold.

Head of UK Mobile Product Marketing, Rebecca Hirst, was the first to front the stage and unveiled the sleek device, which is the world’s first foldable display phone with a hole-punch camera.

(Photo: Head of UK Mobile Product Marketing, Rebecca Hirst, opening the Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco)

‘Last year, right here in San Francisco, we added a whole new dimension to the smartphone experience with the revolutionary Galaxy Fold… The Fold was more than a new device – it was the first entry in an entirely new era of smartphone history,’ Hirst announced.

‘Today, we’re taking another giant step forward. We’re changing he shape of the future with the Galaxy Z Flip.’

The Z Flip is showcases Samsung’s latest technology developments, including Flex Mode, Ultra Thin Glass and a discreet ‘Hideaway Hinge.’

Available in Mirror Purple, Mirror Black and in some select countries, Mirror Gold – the Z Flip is said to be a trendsetting phone for those who want to stand out.

(Photo: Galaxy Unpacked 2020)

‘This is no ordinary smartphone, it changes everything. Our phones shape, size and the very way we use it. That’s what innovation – true innovation is all about. The Galaxy Z Flip is a statement smartphone. It’s for trend setters and trail blazers. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before in a new, perfectly compact form factor,’ Hirst said.

‘This device is an icon, a standout smartphone for people who want to stand out. And it all starts with a playful, premium design. When it’s closed it is a thing of beauty – it’s smooth, and sleek and symmetrical. At half its full size, it fits right in my palm and snuggly in my pockets.’

The Ultra Thin Glass, perhaps one of the most innovative features of the device, is said to allow users to open and close to thin glass screen up to 200,000 times without cracks while still protecting the phone from scratches. Meanwhile, the Hideaway Hinge was developed to make sure the screen can be folded discreetly without bulky, clanky interruptions.

(Photo: Galaxy Unpacked 2020)

‘With this phone we’ve done the impossible and created Ultra Thin Glass that folds… You might think that foldable glass would be brittle, but this glass is built to last.

‘It’s so durable you can fold and unfold your phone over 200,000 times. Every time you fold it, you’re not just bending glass – you’re bending the laws of physics.

‘This phone and its display is like nothing ever made before… With the world’s first hole-punch camera in a foldable display you get the same sprawling expansive screen you’ve come to expect from Samsung phones.’

(Photo: Galaxy Unpacked 2020)

When the device is closed, users will still be informed of text messages, social media notifications, time and alarm.

‘You can check the time, get notifications of a text, alarm or a call – all the essentials are right there on the cover display.’

Additionally, the phones software has been revamped to match the design as well. With apps specifically programmed to work in collaboration with the devices ‘folded’ setting, meaning ultimate control and optimisation of both screens while they both have different controls.

One example of this is the automatic selfie camera, which is used by folding the phone on a 90-degree angle while the front facing selfie camera is on. The camera will load a screen giving users notice of when the photo will be taken, before snapping the shot.

(Flex Mode Demonstration. Photo: Galaxy Unpacked 2020)

It means users can take photos from a distance of themselves, their friends and families or picturesque backdrops without having to be hindered by physically holding the device.

‘You can even take a selfie without opening up the phone. Just hold out the rear camera and use the cover screen as a view finder.’

Hirst commenced the Galaxy Z Flip was the ‘ultimate immersive experience for the ultimate smartphone.’

(Photo: Galaxy Unpacked 2020)

Another big announcement from the Galaxy Unpacked was Samsung’s latest innovations in security and data protection, alongside the S20 flagship smartphone device range – all included with 5G capabilities.

President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, Dr. TM Roh, graced the stage to announce the Korean tech giants latest developments in the network.

‘It’s amazing to be here with you today to kick off a brand new decade of growth and change… Throughout our history we have been guided by our belief in innovation that we believe changes our customers lives,’ Dr. TM Roh said.

(Photo: President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, Dr. TM Roh)

‘We have never been afraid to stand at the edge of innovation.’

One such innovation is privacy, where Samsung announced it was at the forefront of protecting user data and privacy through Samsung’s Knox.

‘With Samsung Knox, we set the standard for security and trust for this industry by delivering end-to-end motoring protection… built directly into the device.’

Samsung Knox is described as being a comprehensive set of security features for personal and enterprise use pre-installed in most of Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range was described as putting forward a bold new decade of change.

‘Today we are so proud to introduce the newest member of the Samsung family… To put a start of a bold new decade of change… The Galaxy S20.’

The S20 flagship range was also leaked on numerous occasions leading up to the Galaxy Unpacked – but now, full details of the devices can be revealed.

The flagship range will include the S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra 5G with notable improvements to the camera design and features.

With 8K video shooting capabilities, up to 100X zoom and artificial intelligence, the S20 range sets the new benchmark for the premium smartphone market.

The 4x telephoto lens located behind the hole in the back of the S20 collaborates with a built in 48-megapixel sensor, delivering ‘lossless hybrid optic’ zoom. Lossless means that users won’t compromise quality as they zoom in.

The 100x zoom feature which is exclusive to the S20 Ultra allows users to easily flick to a zoom setting as was demonstrated by Samsung when standing on a cliff two kilometres away from the famous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, one button push and the cameraman could easily zoom into the location.

Most surprisingly, for the first time ever, Dr. TM Roh revealed the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event was filmed and live streamed through the Samsung Galaxy S20 devices.

‘We don’t believe in compromising when it comes to camera quality,’ Head of US Mobile Product Management, Drew Blackard, told the event crowd.

Another exciting product announcement was the Galaxy Buds+.

The Buds+ are said to optimise the technology offered in the previous Galaxy Buds and features two speakers – one to optimise high notes and the other to deliver booming base.

‘They don’t just give you more sound, they give you better sound,’ Dr. TM Roh, said.

(Photo: Samsung Unpacked 2020)

The sound delivered for users are said to be of a ‘crystal clear’ quality, emphasising acoustics, bass and high notes.

The Galaxy Buds+ have also partnered with Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, to deliver the best and latest music releases with the press of just one button.

But the use of the Buds+ is for more than just music – the devices are also optimised for calls. Instead of two microphones, the Buds+ have three in order to pick up on the user’s voice and deliver quality sound.

Users can also expect to enjoy seamless transitions between paired devices, again – through the press of just one button. The Buds+ can pair to tablets, laptops, computers and smartphones.

(Photo: Samsung Unpacked 2020)

The Galaxy Buds+ also works ‘seamlessly with iOS,’ making the devices compatible with Apple products, like the iPhone.

A revamped battery life has also been announced, with users being given an overall 11-hour playback battery life, as well as one hours’ worth of playback after just three minutes of wireless charging.

Simply put, the Buds+ are ‘powerful, flexible and easy to charge.’

Finally, Samsung’s Head of US Mobile Product Management, Drew Blackard, announced the company had partnered up with global streaming giant Netflix, to deliver Samsung users premium, quality content.

‘Netflix and Samsung have a longstanding, decades long relationship,’ said Netflix’s Chief Marketing Office, Jackie Lee-Joe.

‘That’s why we’re proud to announce that Netflix will become Samsung’s Mobile Entertainment Partner – to make streaming experience the best it can be. Even more users can experience best in class genres across all Samsung devices.’

Lee-Joe said the partnership will enable millions of Samsung users around the globe the best Netflix experience, which is further facilitated by Samsung’s integration of Netflix suggestions in the Samsung Daily section.

Netflix will deliver notification suggestions to users based on what they’ve already watched.

‘We’ve integrated Netflix on your Samsung daily page to make recommendations based off what you’ve already watched… Mobile entertainment is all about getting the content you want, when you want it,’ Blackard said.

You can watch the replay of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event right here.

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