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Samsung Galaxy S22 Sales Set To Top $1m In 6 Weeks

Samsung Electronics whose foldables make up 10% of their sales in Australia is set to top one-million-unit sales for their new Galaxy S22 smartphones which was launched six weeks ago.

According to the company’s preliminary estimates, the phone’s sales exceeded 900,000 units early this month, and the figure is expected to hit the 1 million marks on Friday.

Samsung Australia is refusing to say how many units have been sold in Australia or which of the range is the most popular.

Samsung South Korea who does talk about their sales numbers said that the last six weeks had been a “smooth ride” despite unfavourable market conditions such as supply chain constraints and slowing numbers in certain markets.

It’s not known whether one of the markets where sales have slowed is Australia.

The first six-week sales figure is the third largest for an S series phone after the S2 in 2011 and the S8 in 2017. It is also the highest sales figure since 2019.

In South Korea, the home of Samsung the company projected the domestic demand for smartphones to remain at 3.5 million units in the first three months of this year, down 10 percent from some 4 million units a year ago.

The problem in Australia is that Samsung management refuse to set a benchmark for sales unlike other Samsung subsidiaries though they did confirm to ChannelNews that foldable smartphones that include the Galaxy Flip [ and Fold did make up 10% of sales in the last quarter.

New figures from the Australian research firm Telsyte show that over one in four Australians are now interested in using a foldable phone, up from just one in 10 a year ago.

The increase in sales was achieved after Samsung slashed the prices of its folding phones by as much as $600 late last year.

In the Galaxy S22 market the largest and the highest-priced S22 Ultra, which comes with a stylus S Pen, made up more than half of total sales, while the S22 Plus and the S22 made up some 20 percent of sales each.

Samsung said that overseas sales have grown more than 20 percent compared to the previous model. We were able to ascertain that some subsidiaries achieved a massive 70 percent increase in sales however these subsidiaries have not been identified.

Samsung’s success with the Galaxy S22 range follows a backlash over its controversial Game Optimizing Service app that limited the phone’s performance while running data-heavy popular apps.

Although Samsung made a public apology and carried out software updates to fix the problem, concerns were growing that the scandal could affect the brand’s reputation and phone sales.

Samsung is expected to announce its first-quarter earnings estimates today, Based on consensus estimates collected among securities firms, the tech giant is estimated to record US$61.34 billion in sales.

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