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Aussie Retail Founder Killed In Helicopter Crash

Police have confirmed that one of the casualties of the helicopter crash near the Snowy Mountains has been identified as Barbeques Galore founder Peter Woodland.

Woodland, 75, was piloting the chopper, which left from a Canberra heliport at 10:19am on Sunday morning. Emergency crew were called to the scene around midnight. Woodland’s 64-year-old partner was also killed in the crash.

“We‘re still piecing together the last movements and indeed the last day or so of this helicopter,” Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Angus Mitchell said.

“We do know that it was flying on Sunday, quite likely in company with a number of other helicopters.”

“We don‘t know where it’s launched from at this stage and whether it’s refuelled.

“We do know that it‘s been in the air for a little bit of time. We don‘t believe that there was a distress call made.”