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Samsung Dominates With 61 International Forum Design Awards

Samsung Electronics today announced it received 61 awards, including two gold awards, at the world-renowned International Forum (iF) Design Award 2020.

The Korean-based tech titan received 34 prizes for product design, eight for professional concepts design, 17 for communication design and two for packaging design.

‘Samsung Electronics has pursued lifestyle innovations based on both reflection of current trends and its insight into customer needs in the future,’ said Dontae Lee, Executive Vice President and the Head of the Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics.

‘We will continue to strive to create the experiences that our customers want from Samsung with unique design thinking, incorporating innovative technologies and attempting bold creative challenges.’

(Photo: David Richards, The Sero Range)

The innovative Sero TV won the gold award alongside the Bespoke customisable refrigerator.

The Sero, which means ‘vertical’ in Korean, has the ability to pivot between horizontal and vertical positions, mimicking the use of a smartphone.

The new lifestyle TV also features a ‘modern and elegant’ design that stands out in any space.

Meanwhile, the Bespoke refrigerator, which is customisable to consumers’ personal tastes, consists of eight models ranging from one-door to four-door units. The ‘Kitchen Fit’ door was employed to give a ‘built in-like’ look to any kitchen.

(Photo: Samsung, The Bespoke Refrigerator)

Samsung’s additional 34 iF Design Awards in the product category include: 

• Galaxy Fold, a foldable smartphone that optimizes content viewing experience when unfolded and maximizes portability when folded.

• Galaxy Watch Active2, a smartwatch that has a soft, seamless silhouette with reduced bezel size for expanded viewing experience.

• Space Monitor, an integrated clamp monitor stand which helps maximize desk space and allows its users to reclaim their workspace.

• AirDresser, a clothing refresher that has a full-length mirror highlighted with a pinstripe pattern and color gradation to accentuate any space harmoniously with its premium look.

• Samsung Induction Plate, a portable and slim dual induction range, is ideal for cooking multiple dishes at once. It has a sleek design appearance, making it a refined centrepiece when placed on the kitchen or table.

Samsung won two iF Design Awards in the packaging category:

• Galaxy Fold package, featuring new graphics, showcases a folded version of the original Galaxy logo.

• Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ packages demonstrate an eco-friendly approach, removing unnecessary elements and using pulp mold.

Samsung won 17 iF Design Awards in the communication category:

• Foldable UX for Galaxy Fold offers seamless experiences between the cover display and main display.

• Emotional Air Conditioner UX emphasizes necessary information subtly yet vividly through ‘Ambient Lighting.’

• Samsung Flip UX is an intuitive electronic board UX that digitizes the analog experience to allow easy use.

• Samsung ‘Resonance,’ an exhibition in the Milan Design Week 2019 which was an integrated brand communication campaign to convey the spirit of Samsung’s design philosophy.

Samsung won eight iF Design Awards in the professional concept category:

• GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System), an exoskeleton that assists in posture correction and helps health management on mobile devices.

• Device Sync, a feature that enables effortless connection between IoT devices through Vision Recognition and real-time Generative Visualization technologies.

(Photo: Samsung, The Bespoke Refrigerator)

(Photo: Samsung, The Bespoke Refrigerator)

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