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Apple’s Ambitious Plans For A Curved, Glass iMac

Apple is working on a unique redesigned curved iMac with a base made entirely of  glass, according to a recently published patent.

The details of the patent, titled ‘electronic device with glass housing member,’ was first reported on by Let’s Go Digital. It details the methods of mounting the display in the top of the structure, with various options for a keyboard – whether it be physical, touch screen or a docked MacBook.

But by far the biggest innovation is the ‘transition’ section between the screen and the keyboard, where Apple appears to be working on a curved section that flexes.

If the patent design is correct, it would resolve potential ergonomic issues surrounding the viewing angle of the display.

On the back of the desktop lies a small support piece, which would be out of sight and to would not affect the ergonomics of the machine.

If the Mac comes with a physical keyboard, it would be removable by the user to ensure a comfortable, convenient environment for the owner to work in, enabling full control.

Despite how exciting the patent is, there is no guarantee that the ideas published would make it to the public market.

But considering both Samsung and Motorola are already releasing foldable glass smartphones, it would be smart for Apple to release a device like this to remain relevant and leading in technology.

Apple has declined to comment.

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