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Samsung Releases Acoustic Remix In Upcoming Galaxy Devices To Help ‘Unplug’

Samsung has announced a fully acoustic ‘Over the Horizon’ remix of its signature sound in a move designed to help listeners tap into the natural ‘beauty of the world around us.’

In every new generation of Galaxy devices, Samsung says it releases a new take on the ‘Over the Horizon’ theme. This year’s version will be set on the power of nature itself – a move the company claims is important in an ‘increasingly plugged-in world.’

‘In order to capture the harmonious working of the natural world in all its glory, Samsung placed monochords in various natural locations in order to harness the power of nature for music,’ Samsung said.

‘Powered by the natural force of running water, the monochords operate thanks to a rotor- and pulley-based mechanism… The resulting musical refrain has the unique characteristic of having been played solely by the force of nature.’

In addition to the monochord melody, Samsung utilised other nature-inspired sounds to inspire relaxation, such as chirping birds, running water and kept the use of electronic elements to a minimum.

A video has also been released alongside the remix to complement the ‘soothing, back-to-nature vibe,’ which features awe-inspiring scenes of the natural world.

From calm woodland groves to coastal vistas – the video showcases the true beauty of nature alongside the enhancement of the remix.


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