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Samsung Breaks 5G Speed Record

Samsung has broken the speed record for 5G data transmission, achieving 5.23Gbps to a single device.

Using EN-DC technology, the Korean manufacturer combined 40MHz of 4G LTE frequency with 800MHz of 5G mmWave frequency in a lab demonstration.

Ji-Yun Seol, Samsung.

The achievement is testament to the company’s years of 5G research, said Ji-Yun Seol, Vice President, and Head of Air Technology Group, Networks Business at Samsung.

“Through this demonstration, Samsung is proud to achieve another breakthrough record in 5G data speeds, now spotlighting the power of using a dual 4G and 5G approach, delivered directly to a single user.

“This reinforces our commitment to delivering the best possible 5G solutions to our customers and our ongoing support to help mobile operators accelerate the benefits of 5G services to their users,” he said.

The news comes almost a year after Samsung achieved 4.3Gbps to a single device and 8.5Gbps across two devices.

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