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Samsung Boost The Gaming Capabilities Of The Galaxy S22 Range

Fans of mobile gaming have woken up to good news this morning, after it was reported that Samsung are looking to lift some performance restrictions on their range of Galaxy S22 smartphones.

Discovered by Ice Universe, a popular leaker when it comes to the latest in smartphones, Galaxy S22 owners in South Korea are set to receive a software update that removes established limits on the performance of the phones CPU and GPU.


As the performance throttling was likely a way to conserve battery life, Samsung are looking out for their non-gaming consumers with a ‘game performance management’ feature, allowing users to regulate these restrictions, and find the right balance between efficiency and performance.

While there is no mention of performance restrictions being lifted for apps outside of the gaming category, it’s likely that this update will affect all apps. That being said, it would make sense for Samsung to prioritize battery life for apps that aren’t games or highly demanding.

Currently there is no information regarding the update being released worldwide, however, owners of smartphones in the Galaxy S22 range, particularly those who like to play games on their device, should wait with baited breath.

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