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Sony TV Helmet: Wear A 3D TV

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Image credit: Reuters

The HMZ Personal 3D Viewer, ‘not much wider than a pair of sunglasses’ allows TV watching, Blueray vids and gaming, all to yourself on two 0.7″ OLED displays, without pesky interruptions from outside. 

But fear not, with 1280×720 res dual screens – one for each eye – you won’t be squinting for dear life – watching is reportedly like looking at a ginormous 750″ display from 20 meters afar. 
The TV head wear weighs 420g and sits comfortably, handy for commuters or viewers who just want a bit of private telly time, say Sony. 
“The hardest part for us was to make it as small-sized as possible, while maintaining high definition, but we succeeded,” said Shigeru Kato, a Sony vice president. 
“Before, watching a movie on a big screen was a pastime for the whole family, but now there is a growing demand from people who want to enjoy videos on large-sized screens alone.” 
The device was first debuted at CES in January. 

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According to Reuters, the mini 3D experience goes on sale in Japan on November 11, but at 60,000 yen or AU$740 our currency, this ‘personal TV’ might be a bit of a stretch.

No word yet whether it will head Down Under. .