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New Audio & Video Switchers From RTI

New Audio & Video Switchers From RTI

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The A8 from RTI is a powerful audio and video distribution matrix switcher and ideal for any residential or commercial installation.

The A8 is capable of routing eight analog audio and eight composite video (or digital audio) sources to eight individual zones. For larger projects, the A8’s scalability allows for system expansion up to 64 zones by cascading multiple units together.

In addition to an impressive feature set that includes Ethernet, RS-232 and IR control options, the A8’s independent gain control and bass, treble and 3-band equalizer, for each zone, provide a very flexible and powerful system.

RTI’s V6 Video Distribution Matrix Switcher offers users the ability to switch six-component video and composite video (or digital audio) sources between six different zones.

Easily adaptable for larger projects, multiple V6 units can be ganged together for distribution of video sources to as many as 48 zones. The V6 maintains video quality, regardless of zones, and when integrated with RTI controllers and processors, provides feedback via seamless two-way communication.

The high-powered CP-1680 Multi-Channel Audio Amplifier provides high quality sound through 16 channels of cool, clean power. Delivering 80 watts per channel, the CP-1680 helps to keeps racks cool by using RTI’s Cool Power technology.

Its’ three internal fans keep the amplifier cool by ventilating heat through the front of the unit, greatly reducing the amount of radiating heat.

Additionally, the CP-1680’s open architecture allows the unit to easily integrate with distributed audio systems from other manufacturers.

Flexibility is incorporated in every aspect of the CP-1680 highlighted by its 5-way binding posts, field upgradable firmware and an RS-232 port for control and bi-directional communication.