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Tech ‘Gurus’, 4G: Optus Ups Retail Ante

Tech ‘Gurus’, 4G: Optus Ups Retail Ante

Optus is upping the ante on retail – opening 10 refreshed ‘yes’ stores on the East coast.

Optus’ national network of ‘yes’ stores is being revamped to give customers a “brilliant experience” the minute they step through the door.

The first ‘yes’ pilot store opened in Sydney last week and the further stores will open throughout March in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

It also plans to open 33 brand new stores and is hiring 200 new staff as announced in October, and is to begin the full revamp next month with 100 stores completed within a year.

Optus staff will also be better trained in customer service, help decipher telco plans better and resolve technical queries on the spot.

Friendly staff will greet customers and add them to Optus’ queuing app when they enter the store.

Stores will also have ‘Interactive hubs’ to demonstrate mobile and home solutions and eco friendly fit-outs.

Australia second biggest telco is also working on a revamp of its website and apps to make them more user-friendly.

A recent telco ombudsman report showed complaints about Optus soared 50% in 2011-12.

The move is a “major refresh of its retail presence” is a step to ensure customers are at the heart of the Optus brand, the telco said today.

“We want interactions with Optus to exceed expectations and the feedback, both good and bad, from our pilot stores will be invaluable in helping us shape the experience for the rest of the transformation,” said Rohan Ganeson, Managing Director of Sales, Optus.

“Consumers are now more connected, more informed, and expect a higher level of service. Optus’ investment in our stores and people is recognition of the changing and maturing market.”

 Customers can test Optus TV with Fetch, 3G or faster 4G Internet.

The change comes as Optus closed its relationship with biggest dealer TeleChoice in October last.