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Ruslan Rakes It In During August

MELBOURNE: Kogan has been rustlin’ up a lot of customers as a result of Covid19 gaining the largest monthly increase of new customers in the company’s history during August.

Sales and profit more than doubled as active customer numbers grew to around 2,461,000 during the month, an increase of 152,000.

Gross sales through Kogan.com more than doubled, up an eyewatering 117 percent on year.

Profit recorded a similar growth for the month, up 165 percent while adjusted earnings grew by more than 466 percent year-on-year.

Kogan.com recorded gross sales of $768.9 million and revenue of $497.9 million for the year.

Year-on-year revenue growth of exclusive brands was up 26.4 percent with gross profit growth of 43.7 per cent for the month. Kogan pins growth on online Kogan Marketplace.

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