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Online Sales Skyrocket As Aussies Stay Locked Down

Online sales have surged due to pandemic lockdowns, with July figures breaking records as customers shop from home, putting added strain on supply chains.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show Aussies spent $3.7 billion online in July, up 19.3 per cent from June and the highest level ever recorded for a single month. Non-food sales were up 21.9 per cent, and food sales up 12.8 per cent, over June.

Paul Zahra, ARA.

According to Australian Retailers Association CEO Paul Zahra, soaring online sales are “no surprise” with so many Australians under stay-at-home orders.

“Unfortunately, this increased demand is contributing to the increased stress our supply chains are already under, which has been an ongoing issue for Australian retailers throughout the pandemic.

“The capping of incoming international flights has put significant pressure on shipping, and we are seeing container costs escalating up to four times their usual rate.

“Retailers are having to order stock much earlier than they normally would, with most larger retailers building up healthy inventory levels to ensure that they can satisfy their customers,” he said.

Zahra advised customers to leave plenty of time for online deliveries, and not to leave Christmas shopping to the last minute.

Australia Post last week announced a pause on parcel pickups until 7am tomorrow to clear a massive backlog.

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