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Samsung Reveal New Foldable OLED Glass For Next Gen Smartphones

Samsung Display who account for 90% of the foldable global OLED market has revealed an organic light-emitting diode glass that can fold with the narrowest gap compared with any rival product, it’s expected to be seen in the next generation Fold smartphone.

The new display can withstand around 200,000 folds despite using ultrathin glass instead of colourless polyimide, Samsung Display said.

Samsung Display’s 1.4R OLED displays are used in Samsung Electronics’ latest foldable handset, the Galaxy Z Fold2.

The 1.4R here refers to the peripheral curvature of a circle that has a 1.4-millimetre radius. The smaller the radius, the smaller the gap the screen leaves when folded.

Among commercially available OLED screens, 1.4R is the one that folds the tightest, Samsung Display said.

This is the third foldable OLED that Samsung Display has put out, having used them on the first Galaxy Fold followed by the Galaxy Z Flip.

The 1.4R foldable OLED has a resolution of 2,208 by 1,768 and a 7.6-inch screen.

A notable side effect of the smaller folding radius is the increased folding stress — the contrasting pressures applied to the front and rear layers of the display screen.

It is more difficult to develop a screen that folds inward rather than outward because in-folding screens have smaller curve radiuses, which lead to greater folding stress.

Samsung Display said it has optimized the materials, design and modules for layer-stacking so as to offset folding stress as much as possible.

According to sources the next Samsung Z Flip will feature a new larger outer display. The Z Flip has a 1.1-inch outer display which is less than half the size of the 2.7-inch outer screen on the Moto Razr 2019 and Moto Razr 5G.

It will feature Samsung’s new UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) and an upgraded hinge. Another upgrade is the battery capacity which is getting a bump from the 3300mAh inside the Galaxy Z Flip.


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