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REVIEW: Wave Audio’s Immersive Pro True Wireless Earbuds Are Designed For The Real World

Aussie audio brand Wave Audio has just released the Immersive Pro True Wireless, a set of earbuds designed for the real world, playing the soundtrack for your life.

Wave Audio has designed a set of earbuds that seem to tick all the boxes, whilst remaining half the price of its premium competitors. As saturated as the earbud market is, The Immersive Pro True Wireless are the earbuds for people with more sense than money.

Out of the Box

Someone must have informed Wave Audio that first impressions count, because they knocked that out of the park.

After opening the box, my eyes were instantly drawn to the shiny, matte black metal charging case. The case is small and light, but feels incredibly solid, with an audible click when it closes, and within of course are the Immersive Pro earbuds themselves.

Accompanying the eye-catching buds was a short USB-C charging cable, 4 sets of tips (including the ones that were already on the buds) and plenty of documentation, including the simplest, yet best user guide I had ever seen.

Feel, Aesthetic and Comfort

The thing you instantly notice about the Immersive Pro True Wireless is how light they are. Once you have them in and sitting comfortably, they aren’t invasive at all, and are rather easy to forget about.

The case itself has the same qualities of being small and light, meaning it wont dig into your leg as you walk along with it in your pocket like other, bulkier cases.

The Immersive Pro True Wireless passes the headbanging test too, as I had no issues with them slipping out or moving around too much. I did find they tended to slide a little bit at first but would then stay secure. This did have a very slight effect on sound as I much prefer the heavier bass response when they sit a bit more snug.

I also found that they hurt after only 20 minutes to half an hour of use, but this is likely as a result of which ear tips I was using. Make sure to get the right fit.

Setup and Connectivity

Connecting to the Immersive Pro True Wireless was super simple, as it went into pairing mode straight out of the box. Rather than having to put it into pairing mode manually, they begin looking to pair whenever they aren’t connected to something.

Supporting Bluetooth 5.2, Wave Audio’s new headphones are able to connect to multiple devices at once, which is a very premium feature. I was a little stumped on how to put the device back into pairing mode whilst it was already connected. The user guide didn’t reveal how and the many combinations of presses, slides and holds on the sensors on the side didn’t achieve it. I had to disconnect the currently connected device, which would put the Immersive Pro back into pairing mode, before connecting to another.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Immersive Pro True Wireless is where it really shines. For a product that’s $100 bucks cheaper than the Sony WF-1000XM4, and $150 cheaper than the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3, the audio is fantastic.

Highs and mids were consistently super clear and crisp, which made the harmonies in Carry On by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young an absolute joy, whilst the guitar tone in Wild Child by The Struts and Tom Morello was absolutely gargantuan, and full of body. In certain tracks, I found the bass to be lacking a little more than it would be with other earbuds but adjusting the settings on the smartphone or streaming app you’re using should do the trick.

The active noise reduction did a tremendous job too, comparable to that you’d find in much more expensive earbuds. Despite walking through rather harsh wind and across busy roads, noise was pretty well cancelled out. I would have liked some control over the ANC however, for times where someone might stop to chat to me or I need to hear my environment.

Calls came through super clear, and the built-in microphone got fantastic feedback from those I was speaking to.


As previously mentioned, the controls for the Immersive Pro True Wireless are very well laid out in the accompanying user guide, which after a quick scan through, makes navigating the earbuds easy and intuitive.


The earbuds are also compatible with voice assistants, which can be opened with three taps to the right ear.

I do think however that the Wave Immersive Pro would benefit a lot from a dedicated app, where you can adjust your listening experience, manage connected devices and more.


Living up to their real-world design, the Immersive Pro True Wireless boast 24 hours of playtime on a single charge, meaning running out of battery isn’t a problem. Additionally, the charging case is able to hold 2.5 full charges, meaning you get a total of 60 hours battery life without needing to plug them in.

Pricing and Availability

The Wave Audio Immersive Pro True Wireless is now available for Pre-Order on the Wave Audio website for $239.95 and is available in Black and Silver.


With the Immersive Pro True Wireless, Wave Audio has stood up to the premium products coming out of Sennheiser and Sony, and created something with much better value for money. They are far from perfect, and they do show their price difference a tiny bit in some areas, but not enough for me to say that they aren’t the smart earbuds to buy. If you’re not ready to fork out a small fortune for earbuds, but still want fantastic quality, look no further than Wave Audio’s Immersive Pro True Wireless.

Pros Cons
–          Light and non-invasive

–          Durable and solid feel

–          Premium aesthetic

–          Fantastic sound quality

–          Superb battery life

–          Premium features at a mid-range price

–          Intuitive controls and great user guide

–          Can cause some discomfort rather quickly if not sitting properly, or with the right tips.

–          No dedicated app for device and sound management.

–          Unable to put into pairing mode without disabling connected device.



RATING: 8.0/10

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