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Review: Olimpia Splendid’s Flagship Ceramic Fan Heater Delivers On All Fronts

As Olimpia Splendid’s flagship ceramic fan heater, the Italian designed Caldostile DT model delivers on all the areas that are most important in a heater: it’s energy efficient, provides warmth immediately, and is significantly safer than traditional heaters.

I’ve been using the Caldostile DT for the past few weeks, and have been very impressed by how quickly it warms up a room.

The Caldostile DT uses the same ceramic fan technology as the Caldostile D that we reviewed last week, but it is even more effective at heating large spaces. For one, it is larger, standing at 54.8cm. Second, it is more powerful, with a 2,200W fan for more powerful heat distribution.

Ceramic heaters use electricity to heat up the ceramic plate, which then radiates heat. The addition of a fan helps to circulate this heat around the room quickly. The Caldostile DT can oscillate 180° for even further reaching coverage.

The Caldostile DT offers a number of operating modes: normal mode, where the temperature can be set 16-32°C, and the fan can be set low or high; frost protection mode for cooler climates; and eco mode.

Curiously, I found that eco mode warmed up the room the fastest. In eco mode the fan is set on high until it reaches 1°C below the temperature you selected (in eco mode the range is limited to 16-26°C, but I’ve found 26°C to be warm enough so far). Once it hits that temperature, the fan will automatically flip to the lower setting, and return to high as the room temperature drops.

In summer, the Caldostile DT can be used as a fan, though it does not have air conditioning.

The safety features on the Caldostile DT make this one of the safest heaters we’ve seen. It has a built-in anti-tip switch, which instantly turns the heater off if it’s knocked over. This is so sensitive that it also turns off if you try and move the heater while it’s on.

In addition, it has an overload cut-out device to prevent overheating.

An unexpected bonus of the Caldostile DT is that it gradually filters out dust from the air as you use it, catching it in the dust filter. Once the filter is filled with dust, it is easy to remove and clean.

The heater can be operated via the touchscreen on the device or a remote control that has all the same buttons on it.

The only downside of the Caldostile DT is the fan is a little loud when it’s set on high, but it wasn’t too noticeable in my household as it tends to be noisy anyway. When we first began using it we were perplexed by the minimum fan setting displaying three bars on the touch screen – the Caldostile DT actually has just two fan settings: low (three bars) and high (six bars).

The Caldostile DT (RRP: $189) is available at The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Bi-Rite and BSR.

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