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Caldostile D Ceramic Fan Heater Review: Compact & Powerful

We reviewed the Italian designed Caldostile D ceramic fan heater from Olimpia Splendid, and were impressed with how powerful it is given its small size. Less than 35cm tall and 24cm wide, the Caldostile D can easily be packed away when it’s not in use.

Despite being compact, the 2,000W Caldostile D is a deceptively effective heater. If you’re used to having a column heater, you’ll find this ceramic fan heater much faster at warming a room. Rather than waiting for a column heater to slowly get going, the Caldostile D delivers warmth instantly.

If you’re unfamiliar with this ceramic heaters, they work by using electricity to warm a ceramic plate, which then radiates heat. The addition of a fan circulates this warmed air around the room. The Caldostile D can also oscillate if you wish, further circulating heat.

In addition to being more effective, ceramic heaters are generally safer too. The Caldostile D has a number of important safety features. For example, it has a tip-over switch, which automatically turns the device off when it is tipped over. It is also fitted with an overload cut-out device to prevent overheating.

Another bonus of the Caldostile D is the air filter, which filters out dust as it operates. The dust filter is removable and easy to clean.

Caldostile D

In normal mode, the temperature can be adjusted between 16°C and 32°C (by variations of 1°C). There are also two settings for the power of the fan – while the higher fan setting increases the reach of the heater, it’s also a tad noisier.

In eco mode, the maximum fan force will be used until the room temperature is 1°C below the set temperature (in eco mode this may range 16-26°C), and then it will activate minimum power heating.

If you’re in a cooler climate, there is also a frost-protection mode, where the appliance runs on minimum power to maintain a constant temperature of 7°C.

Users can also set either switch-on or switch-off timer settings. The delay can be set up to 24 hours beforehand (by increments of half an hour).

In hotter months, the Caldostile D can be used as a fan, though it does not have cool air conditioning functionality. Nevertheless, it works well as a traditional fan.

This heater comes with a remote control (button batteries), which offers all the same controls that are on the actual device.

The Caldostile D (RRP: $159) is currently available at The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Bi-Rite and BSR.


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