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REVIEW: Moto e7 Power, No Frills But Full Of (Battery) Life

Motorola is set on capturing the mid-tier market, having launched a bunch of budget-friendly phones in the past month, led by its flagship release, the Moto g30.

Importantly, the oft-overlooked mobile phone brand is catering for the most basic of users – ones who still value the simplicity of not having to charge their phone for two days, over having the latest camera lens or Orwellian levels of AI.

Motorola’s ‘e’ family of phones represents the entry level choice of the line-up, offering the most basic functions for a very affordable price. In this case, we’re giving the Moto e7 Power a go.

This one’s focus is on battery life, bolstered by an Octa-core processor, 32GB of storage and Google Assistant. It’s not here to disrupt in terms of innovative technology; it’s more about offering users something basic yet dependable in terms of operation.

In other words, this is the phone you want on you for long-haul commutes, international travel, multi-day events, camping… you get the picture. Where there’s no power point, this phone is your friend, shining on without being needy for battery charge. It’s here for a good time, but also a long time. And it really doesn’t ask for much in return.

A step up from the Moto e7 Power is the Moto e7, which we have also reviewed. This one prides itself on its camera and display, claiming to achieve image quality unheard of at its meagre price point of $199.

But if even that’s a bit pricey for your intended usage, then the e7 Power variant is for you – it’s an extremely friendly $159 and is basically the same thing as an e7, just without the decent camera and with half the memory. It’s got the same audio capability and speakers, just without radio.

Where it does outrace the e7 is the battery. The Moto e7 has 4000mAh; the Moto e7 Power tops that at 5000mAh.

What this all points to, is a smartphone that’s practically built for basic survival. This is what you choose when you’re away on a trip, or overseas and swapping numbers, or roughing it somewhere outdoors with no power outlet.
Perhaps as a nod to its easy-breezy identity, the e7 Power comes in two flamboyant colourways, Tahiti Blue and Coral Red – far more fun than its e7 superior, which only comes in a take-me-seriously Mineral Grey.

While we’re not suggesting that you go treating smartphones as a disposable item (that’s no friend to environment), we do think this phone is ideal as a backup, temporary, or stand-in phone that won’t make your bank balance weep if you lose or damage it. Handy to have around if you’re a reckless wanderer who still wants a smartphone.

RATING: 7/10


  • Two-day battery life
  • No frills
  • Very cheap


  • Too basic to be an everyday phone
  • Smear-prone glass
  • Weak camera

VERDICT: It does what’s on the tin: last for ages without charging and perform basic smartphone functions.

You can pick up the Moto e7 Power from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys (online only), Officeworks, Big W and Motorola’s website for RRP AU$159.

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