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Razer Releases Huntsman Keyboards With Optical Switch

Razer is releasing a slew of new Huntsman gaming keyboards featuring opto-mechanical switches, dedicated media keys, wrist rest and its iconic RGB underglow lighting.

There are two keyboards in the range, the Huntsman and the Huntsman Elite. The Huntsman has opto-mechanical switches and full Razer Chroma back-lit keys.

Razer’s opto-mechanical switch works with an infrared light beam which is inside each switch that precisely detects when a key is pressed. There is a 1.5mm acutation point, which Razer says allows the opto-mechanical swtich to actuate 30 per cent faster than traditional ‘clicky’ mechanical switches.

The Huntsman Elite has dedicated media controls with each of the three media keys and multi-function digital dial able to be programmed through Razer Synapse 3, offering an unlimited number of key binds, macros and lighting effects which can be custom-programmed by users.

It also has a magnetically detachable, leatherette wrist rest. It is also the first Razer keyboard with Hybrid On-board and Cloud Storage to save and access personalised profile settings online via the cloud or offline via available on-board storage. It also has Razer’s Chroma lighting effects.

MinLiang Tan, CEO and co-founder at Razer says, “We have amassed years of experience developing and manufacturing our very own Razer Mechanical Switches designed specifically for gamers.

“This focused expertise has now expanded upon our brand’s legacy with the new Razer opto-mechanical switch that delivers an all-new level of performance that is optimised for top-tier eSports competition.”

Both products are available now with the Huntsman Elite priced at $399.95 and the Huntsman priced at $249.95.


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