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Radio Rentals Reborn As Fully-Online ‘Snaffle’

Radio Rentals has been reborn as fully online digital retailer, ‘Snaffle‘, following the closure of its South Australian stores last year.

Distinct from Thorn Group’s interstate Radio Rentals outlets, the formerly family-owned company has sought to transfer its decades of success in tech rentals to an online audience, offering short-term contracts of one to three years.

The entity closed in April 2019 after over sixty years in business, reportedly owing no money, but closing twelve stores across the state.

Investment group, Aspire42, purchased inRent’s book of business and Radio Rentals’ brand name, and has sought to rebirth the organisation as a e-tailer in short-term tech rentals.

The former Radio Rentals business is deemed to fit well within Aspire 42’s stable, with the company also owning ‘Essential Appliance Rentals’ and ‘Make it Mine.’

“We’ve taken decades of experience running Radio Rentals (South Australia), combined it with the knowledge of running Make It Mine and Essential Appliance Rentals, added a dash of global management experience and mixed it all with new thinking to offer a rental experience fit for our time and your needs,” reads Snaffle’s website.

Snaffle claims consumers are more comfortable with subscription based payments and ownership in today’s landscape, opting to upgrade than own.

The entity is focused on marketing rental deals on home appliances, computers and other electronics.

Snaffle’s website highlights a plethora of household brands to rent for a flexible amount of time, additing if it doesn’t have a product “we’ll try to find it for you.”

The e-tailer has pledged to shake-up common stereotypes regarding short term tech renting, etching a more sustainable subscription payment model.

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