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LG Virtual IFA Exhibit To Focus On Smart Homes

LG is set to virtually demonstrate its vision of the future home at IFA 2020.

With the slogan “Life’s Good From Home”, the company will debut its ThinQ home solution at its Berlin press conference, led by chief technology officer Dr I. P. Park, which will be streamed live on the LG Global YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/GlobalLG) at 7pm AEST on September 3.

Additionally, guests will be able to take a virtual tour of a physical smart home showroom in Korea, hosted by K-pop star Henry Lau; an interactive video of a family living in an LG smart home will accompany the tour, which viewers will be able to customise to fit their choices.

The LG exhibit will also include a virtual booth with seven themed zones, which will show guests the benefits of the manufacturer’s smart appliance and integrated services products, said Kim Jin-hong, head of LG Electronics’ Global Marketing Centre.

“Although we imagined participating under better circumstances, we are excited to be a part of IFA 2020 to share with consumers around the globe our vision for a smarter and infinitely more convenient home.

“Through our strength in AI and human-centric design, we are creating a fully integrated suite of products and services that makes it easier to live, work and relax at home,” he said.

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