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Turbosound Subs For Installers

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The company has also developed a high power three-way switchable bi-amp/tri-amp loudspeaker to provide contractors with a full complement of solutions, rounded out with a high quality ceiling speaker for background music applications.

The TCS II series provides a vast array of useful options – including IP54 weather-resistance, and a choice of custom colors above and beyond the standard black or white textured paint. In addition, the TCS-122 and TCS-152 are offered with a choice of factory-supplied horn dispersion patterns: 90°h x 60°v, 60°h x 40°v, and 90°h x 40°v, contributing to the range’s considerable versatility. The high frequency horns in all mid-high cabinets are conveniently rotatable in order to achieve accurate coverage of any venue.

Digitally self-powered options are also available – with full network capability – to allow the creation of highly controllable loudspeaker networks easily adaptable to multiple zones and performance requirements.

The lightweight Class D amplifiers feature 96kHz DSP for pristine sound quality, together with full remote control and fault logging using TurboDrive software to ensure consistent and reliable operation.

All of the TCS II cabinets (apart from the double 18-inch sub) feature a double-trapezoidal shape that results in neater-looking tight-packed flown clusters, and there are two single 15-inch bass cabinets configured to fly tidily and conveniently with either 12-inch or 15-inch based mid/highs.

Multiple integral rigging points, supported by internal steel flying strips, are provided on each cabinet to allow for a wide range of rigging possibilities. Simple external rigging hardware enables the creation of modular loudspeaker clusters with a wide range of coverage possibilities.

Performance of the TCS series is backed up by independently measured and accredited EASE data to ensure accurate and predictable results in all types of venue.

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