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Get A Grip: Cygnett Launches New iPhone 4 Cases

The brand new range includes the AeroGrip, AeroGrip Edge, UrbanShield, Tactile, Boston, Nomad, Aerosphere & WorkMate Pro.

The range ticks a lot of boxes for users looking for protection, practical style, quality finishes, clean design and bring a choice of several materials and fashionable edges that are said to be an extension of the users individuality.

Each case also includes a clear screen protector and micro-fibre cleaning cloth.

“We’ve invested time and resources in some of the world’s most cutting-edge designers who share our vision of what an iPhone case can be and should be”, said Sophie Swann, Cygnett’s Marketing Director, and one of the founders of the company.

“Following intense research, we have gained increased understanding of what our customers want.”

The new Cygnett range of cases for iPhone 4 include:

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Cygnett AeroGrip
Colour polycarbonate case with circular grip
Available now in Black, White, Yellow, Purple and Red. RRP $24.95. 

Featuring rounded edges and circular grip along both sides, this durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate case with flexible snap-on design has a high-gloss finish and is available in a range of colours. Bright and smooth, yet hard-wearing, its super-slim shield protects edges and corners without adding bulk.



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Cygnett AeroGrip Edge
High-grip bumper case
Available now in Black, Grey and Red. RRP $19.95. 

If you’re after fashionable design suitable for night and day, work and play, the AeroGrip Edge has you covered. Its TPU frame protects edges all over, while front and rear screen protectors guard iPhone surfaces. Durable and tear-resistant, it offers easy access to all controls and ports.



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Cygnett UrbanShield
Metal Case
Available now in Black, Silver, Bronze and Blue. RRP $34.95. 

The UrbanShield is an aluminium metal case cover that provides maximum protection without compromising on design. As a distinctive and beautiful, yet hard-wearing hand-crafted object, its long-lasting design guarantees longevity of your iPhone and the case itself.


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Cygnett Tactile
Easy-grip case
Available now in Black. RRP $34.95. 

Smudge-resistant, ergonomic and slim-fitting, the Imperial features subtle design debossed into its material. It protects your iPhone from scrapes and scratches without compromising on style.



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Cygnett Boston
Leather Case with Strap
Available now in Black and Brown. RRP $49.95. 

Exquisitely soft to the touch and made with the finest grade leather, the Boston’s solid craftsmanship is made to withstand everyday wear and tear. Its pouch wallet design protects your iPhone 4 and provides both classic style and function. An innovative pull strap system allows for easy release of your phone.


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Cygnett Nomad
Polycarbonate case with location text
Available now in Black. RRP $29.95. 

Comprising a flexible snap-on design, the Nomad is a polycarbonate case with rounded edges and circular grip along both sides, providing protection from scratches and dust. Highly durable and scratch-resistant, it has a super-slim shield that protects edges and corners without adding bulk.



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Cygnett Aerosphere
Bubble-effect case
Available now in Black and Clear. RRP $19.95. 

Enjoy spherical bubbles of protection for your iPhone, with lens effect. Made from highly durable TPU material that resists abrasions, impacts and tears, the Aerosphere has a smooth finish that enhances the appearance of your iPhone. Its form-fitting design with raised side edges enfolds the iPhone, protecting the front and rear glass, even if dropped face down.


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Cygnett WorkMate Pro
Sporty silicone case
Available now in Grey/Black and Orange/Grey. RRP $34.95. 

The WorkMate Pro’s layers of silicone combined with high-quality polycarbonate shell allow for shock absorption should your phone fall. Allowing complete access to all ports, controls and connectors, it provides extra protection without adding bulk.