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JUST OUT: iPad 2 Dock The Apple Store Lookalike

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Well, now you can. A US company, newPCgadgets, has released an Apple Store lookalike Display Dock, allowing fans dock their iPad 2 and iPhone/iPod just like the professionals. 

The new Display Dock is designed from “high-quality clear acrylic” and “is similar to the look and feel of the Apple Store display,” say it makers.
 It also provides dual docks for the iPhone and iPod, meaning you can have your full mobile kit in one stand, useful in the office or at home. 
 newPCgadgets has also added slots for headphones and charging cables, finger slot for easy removal of the iPad 2, non-skid clear feet to prevent scratching and support brackets to enable use of the iPhone or iPod while in the dock. 
 “We surveyed dozens of Southern California Apple Stores and discovered that customers were repeatedly asking to purchase the Apple iPad 2 display because they loved the look. It just made sense to produce a similar product for resale,” according to company founder Michael Schriner. 
 Both models sold (it comes with or without additional iPhone/iPod ports) have dimensions: 10″W x 9.25D x 1.25H, weighs 2 lbs and cables are not included either. 
 Coming in an opaque style, the dock is custom milled and hand polished. Prices range from US$69.95 to $74.95 (with docks), depending on the model. 
And good news for Aussies is that newPCgadgets does ship, although it is not exactly cheap, adding on around another US$16 to the bill.