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New LG 55″ OLED TV Set To Launch Late 2012

  New LG 55" OLED TV Set To Launch Late 2012

The ultra thin Smart TV which was a big hit at the recent CES show will also feature a new voice activated remote control, Cinema 3D and new BigPond TV content channels.

LG executives in Korea said yesterday that it is still difficult to put a precise date on when production will start for the new TVs. They will start rolling out sometime in the second half of 2012,” the executive said.

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LG’s 55-inch OLED TV will go head to head with a “Super OLED” TV from Samsung. Panasonic executives have said that they are currently working on a new OLED TV with some speculating that they may launch a model in time for Xmas 2012.

Sony, who were the original pioneers of OLED, have no plans to launch an OLED TV with the Company now struggling to keep up with both Samsung and LG in the TV market.

There is still no news yet on how much Samsung and LG will charge for their new OLED TVs, with several analysts tipping that they will be over $5,000.