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Q2 Smartphone Sales Drop 20%, Lowest Since 2013

Global smartphone sales dropped 20.4% to 294.7 million units in Q2 – around the lowest levels since 2013. It contrasts 370.3 million units notched the same time last year.

According to IDC data compiled by Comprar Acciones, the figure is a slight improvement versus Q1, with 272.5 million units.

Despite selling the most number of units during the quarter, Samsung also fared the highest decline.

During the three-months, the Korean tech giant sold 75.1 million units – down 27.1% year-on-year.

Huawei came in second place during the quarter, selling 54.1 million units in Q2Y20 versus 58 million units in Q2Y19. The news comes despite strained trade tensions between the Chinese manufacturer and the United States.

Apple fared the least sales decline during the period, coming in at third place during the quarter.

The iPhone manufacturer sold 38.3 million units in Q2Y20 versus 38.5 million the same time last year. Gartner attributes this to improved trading conditions in China.

Chinese maker, realme, reported double-digit growth during the quarter, with total sales climbing 11% year-on-year.

According to Omdia, Apple’s iPhone 11 was the best selling smartphone model worldwide during the first half of 2020 – notching total sales of 37.7 million units.

It’s a notable improvement 2019 results, with the iPhone XR faring 26.9 million units for H1Y19 according to the research firm.

Samsung’s Galaxy A51 came in second place, selling 11.4 million units during the half-year period.


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