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Pixel 5 To Revamp Motion Sense After Buyer Gripes

Google’s next flagship phone, the Pixel 5, is tipped to potentially lose motion sense tech featured within the Pixel 4, powering gesture controls that eliminated touching the phone – a feature which many said did not consistently work.

The Pixel 4 was the first to feature a Soli radar chip, which allowed users to access a suite of new gesture controls to interact with their device (e.g. making gestures in the air to shift through apps).

According to 9to5Google sources, the Soli chip won’t be incorporated in the upcoming Pixel 5, which will change up its motion-sense offering and affect 3D face unlock.

For some market watchers, the news is not a surprise omission after many consumers expressed complaints with gesture controls linked to the Soli chip.

The gesture controls were often said to only work with a limited number of apps, and in some cases not perform as advertised.

The chip also reportedly caused a frequency issue in some countries, which restricted it from being sold in locations like India according to TechRadar.

Commentators claim by removing and axing the controversial motion sense tech, it makes way for the Pixel 5 to be more widely sold.

According to Tom’s Guide, the Pixel 5 will also feature a 5G chipset.

It comes as many smartphone vendors ride out the economic impact of coronavirus, with mid-range phones lifting sales as premium devices lag in demand from budget-conscious consumers.

Consumers will have to hold their breath and see whether rumours prove true.

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