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Swann Launch Next-Gen Tracker Cam & ‘Police Style’ Enforcer

Australian-owned DIY security system maker, Swann, has released its new Wi-Fi Tracker and Enforcer Security Camera system, at a time where it claims the need to safeguard homes and businesses has “never been of greater importance” in indoor and outdoor places.

The new Swann Wi-Fi Tracker is available at authorised Australian retailers for A$149.95, with the Enforcer system landing in June (pricing to be confirmed).

It was first unveiled at CES 2020 and named an Innovation Award Honouree.

Both products are manageable under the Swann Security App. The company claims it’s the only vendor which offers a complete line-up of interconnected wired and wireless security options which are completely integrated with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

The Wi-Fi Tracker Security Camera claims to be a first-of-its kind device, capable of tracking and recording moving objects without having to physically move.

The device features a non-mechanical pan-tilt and pledges to maintain a wide-angle view. 

Once ‘suspicious activity’ is targeted, the device automatically zooms in and maintains the 18-degree widescreen view.

Two-way audio facilities seamless conversation, alongside overall user-friendly set-up.

The product is positioned as an affordable alternative to more complex systems which offer some comparative value.

The new Enforcer camera is Swann’s first to debut ‘motion-activated police style’ spotlights – the red and blue flashing lights aim to rattle intruders. Mobile alerts complement safety. 

Nigh vision is boost by Swann’s Night2Day colour night vision, with heat and motion tech pledging to increase the accuracy of alerts.

Local storage of up to 180 days is available on a 2TB hard drive (dependent on camera numbers and image quality), alongside the option to upload to the cloud.

Further information and full product specifications is available on Swann’s website here.

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