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Panasonic Release New Six Door Glass Finish Fridge

Japanese manufacturer Panasonic has released its new premium six door fridge.

The 628-litre NR-F603GT features multiple storage compartments with foldable shelving, an automatic ice maker, and a glass finish with a touch-screen control panel providing settings controls without opening the door.

A “soft-freezing” function drops food to -3°C, which Panasonic claims prevents cell-damage and helps food retain its nutrients and flavour.

The company claims soft-frozen food doesn’t require defrosting before cutting or cooking.

Panasonic has also included what they call “double hygiene” in its new fridge, using silver ions and Panasonic’s nanoeX atomised water particles to fight odor and bacteria.

The company claims its “state-of-the-art cooling and food storage technology” simplifies storage to keep food fresher for longer while using less energy.

Despite these claims the new Panasonic has been awarded a 3-star energy rating, placing it far behind the top rating of 4.5 for a fridge over 600 litres, but it’s hardly alone.

Currently Hitachi is the only manufacturer with a 4.5 star fridge over 600 litres.

The Panasonic NR-F603GT is available now with a $5,499.

The Australian and New Zealand energy rating service estimates a $1,426.39 cost of ownership over 10 years in NSW.

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