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Mobotix DualDome Combines 2 Cams For Dynamic Security

Rather than taking a single wide-angle lens, the D14 features two 3.1 megapixel cameras that can be adjusted to either monitor a single area at 180 degrees together or individually record two separate 90 degree shots.

The dynamic duo can be individually adjusted so that one shoots black and white while the other shoots colour to ensure high quality during the day and high light sensitivity at night.

An added plus is the in-built video recorder that stores up to 64GB of video (via MicroSD card) without hooking the unit up to a PC, server or external storage. USB and MxBus interfaces are also featured for extension modules like I/O, GPS or RS232.

If you’re extra conscious about storage space, the D14 can be set to use its motion detection function to trigger the recording, so you only have video rolling when there are people around. This also fits into the alarm notification that can send an alert via email or VoIP when someone is detected.

It also offers IP control through bundled software that is accessible via web browser. The software includes MxCC Control Centre for large-scale projects up to 1,000 cameras and MxEast for smaller operations.

Mobotix is distributed by the following companies in Australia:

Lan1 Pty Ltd
Madison Technologies Pty Ltd
Open Platform Systems
RemoteGUARD Pty Ltd
Vision IP Surveillance Pty Ltd