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Logitech Sued Over Harmony Remote Patents

Logitech Sued Over Harmony Remote Patents

Logitech who last year had to bail out of the Google TV market, is being sued for 17 patent breaches relating to their Harmony Remote Control.

Universal Electronics in a statement issued on Friday said that they have filed a lawsuit against Logitech for infringement of 17 of UEI’s patents related to remote control technology.

In recent months sales of tradional universal remotes have slumped as consumers move to applications on Smartphones and tablets to control their devices.

UEI claims that from July 1, 2004, until June 30, 2010, Logitech previously licensed certain of UEI’s patented technologies under a renewable license. According to UEI, “Prior to the expiration of the license, throughout the remainder of 2010 and until the filing of this complaint, UEI sought to negotiate reasonable business terms for the renewal of the license agreement but Logitech was not willing to do so.

Meanwhile, Logitech continued selling its products that were previously covered under the license agreement without permission or proper payment, according to the lawsuit.”

The complaint relates to several Logitech remote control products, including the Harmony H300, H650, H700, H900, One, H1100, Logitech Revue (for Google TV), Harmony remote apps for iOS and Android platforms, and other applications and/or programming for touchscreen mobile devices.

Richard A. Firehammer, UEI senior VP and general counsel, said in the release: “The decision to proceed with this patent infringement filing was based on careful consideration of all of the issues. UEI has positive business relationships with much of the consumer electronics industry. Nevertheless, the decision was made to look to the court system to ensure that UEI is fairly compensated for the use of its technology. We are confident that the strength of our intellectual property will be upheld.”

Logitech did not respond to requests for comment as of this story.